We All Have Autism

This site is about the documentary film We All Have Autism, which is about Aaron who was diagnosed with autism when he was four. He is now nearly 30 years old.

Aaron has been supported by his family his whole life. He is able to live in the family home with this support.

His mother Paula spends a lot of her time organising carers for Aaron, looking after him herself and devising strategies for managing his autism.

Clyde works for IBM, now in the UK, and formerly in Melbourne, Australia. He organised a transfer from the Melbourne office to London so the family could be closer to their second son, Aiden, who had lived and worked in London for a number of years.

Aiden recently joined IBM (without telling his Dad he’d applied for the job!) and so they both go to IBM’s offices in Southwark every workday.

Levi is their third son, who is completing his final year of secondary school.

We All Have Autism is a documentary covering the time when Aaron was six years old, through his teenage years to adulthood. It is a 7-Up with autism story, portraying how Aaron has grown and developed over those years. It is also about the family around Aaron, particularly the story of Paula and Clyde, whose lives have been focussed on how to support and nurture Aaron during that time. And it also portrays Aiden and Levi, Aaron’s two brothers, whose lives have also been influenced by his autism.

The film is being made by Mark Poole, the director and editor of the first film to feature Aaron’s story, Autism – The Early Signs. Mark produced and directed the second film, Autism – The Teen Years, which also showed Aaron as a teenager. Last year Mark visited Aaron and his family in London, and is now developing this film, We All Have Autism. The title comes from a comment by Clyde when he was in New York with Levi, and they saw a sign “We All Have AIDS”. Levi said ‘that’s a bit like us Dad, isn’t it, we all have autism.’


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